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Curved Muntin End Trim Table

Process Requirements:

Evenly trim the ends of curved muntins. Muntins will range in centerline radius from 3” to 45”. The muntins may be either a full arch or a quarter arch. The machine must hold the muntin on 45 degree increments throughout the arch. The ends of the arch to be cut must be solidly clamped to ensure an even cut.


The manually loaded machine uses a manual centrally located toggle clamp to hold the arched section of the material along with two guides located 45 degrees from the central toggle clamp. A pneumatic clamp holds the muntin ends during sawing. The central toggle clamp and 45 degree guides are held in radial alignment with a series of linkages located underneath the work surface. The saw as well as the toggle clamp and guides ride on linear rail. A two hand busy joystick arrangement ensures that the operator is away from the saw blade when the blade is spinning and also allows the operator to guide the saw thru the muntin ends.


4 muntins per minute

Part Loading:

The operator sizes the machine using a visual indicator that shows the radius of the muntin.
The operator inserts the muntin into the guides and locks the center of muntin arc into a nest using a toggle clamp.


The operator sizes the machine for the muntin radius and loads a muntin.
The machine clamps the ends of the muntin to be cut firmly against the work surface when the operator activates the two hand busy joystick triggers.
The two hand busy joystick triggers start the saw blade.
The operator passes the saw over the muntin ends and trims the ends.
The operator releases the pistol triggers and returns the saw to the home position.
The operator removes the trimmed muntin.





Utilities Required:

Electrical: 480v, 3 phase, 15 amp disconnect
Air: 5 CFM @ 90 PSI

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