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Window Frame Clamp

Process Requirements:

Aid in assembling window or box frames. Must be able to process window frames from 21” x 35” to 48” x 96”. The machine processing area must rotate allowing near vertical loading and then rotate allowing horizontal processing. The machine is to be manually sized and pneumatically clamped. The machine must square and align the window corners and have clearance to apply fasteners if desired. Safe operation of the machine will be accomplished by using safety mats.


The manually loaded machine uses pneumatic locking plates on a gear rack with linear rail and bearings to ensure the machine fixture plates stay square. Air cylinders pivot over the corner locations and seat the window corners into the nest when processing. Cylinders press in from the side and ends to finish the clamping. A high gear reduction drive box with an electric motor is used to adjust the machine processing area angle.


One window per minute.

Part Loading:

The machine processing area is placed in the horizontal position. The operator sizes the machine by unlocking the gear rack clamps and positions the fixture plates in the desired position. Scales on the side of the machine frame show the fixture sizing in inches.
The machine processing area is rotated to the near vertical position.
The operator loads the product into the machine.


The machine clamps the window corners together and down against the tooling nests.
The machine processing area rotates to a horizontal position.
The operator will fasten the window or box frame as desired.
The operator releases the window clamps back at the operator control panel.
The operator removes the window to allow resizing of the nests or rotates the machine processing area to near vertical to load more window or box components.





Utilities Required:

Electrical: 480v, 3 phase, 15 amp service.
Air: 20 CFM @ 90 PSI

LMI Automation is eager to build a custom machine to your specifications.