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Spindle Housing Press

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Process Requirements:

The assembly requires 2 spindle bearings and 3 shaft seals assembled into an aluminum housing. The shaft seals must be packed with grease during the assembly process. Each seal must be pressed tight against the bearing or previous seal. The seal can not be used as a driver to advance the previously installed seal. The assembly line schedule requires that the assembly press must assemble 2 styles of housing and 2 bearing and seal arrangements.


The press assembles seals and bearings into a spindle housing and also automatically greases the seals during assembly. The press base provides a locating nest for each of two housings. The press base is servo controlled so that each housing nest can be moved to the center of each press or grease station. The main press ram is servo controlled to provide the various precision press depths that are needed. Keyed loading nests and sensors are used to verify proper loading of all assembly components by the machine operator.


Two housings assemblies per minute.

Part Delivery:

The seal and bearing staging trays are manually loaded by the machine operator before the assembly process begins.
The correct and complete loading of components is verified by using a keyed tray design and optical sensors.


The assembly machine uses a servo motor drive to move the housing nested on the press base between the press stations.
Precision die sets ensure proper alignment of the inserted components.
A precision electrical servo driven cylinder controls the proper press depth.
A conventional hydraulic press is used to install the spindle bearing to the lower side of the housing.
The component loading nest and retaining ring press are pneumatically driven between positive stops.


Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 Controller
Compumotor Compax 3 Servo Controller

Error Proofing:

Laser fiber optic sensors are used to verify the proper loading of each component prior to the assembly process.
The component sensing verifies that each component was successfully picked from the loading nest prior to the initiation of the nextprocess step.
The assembly process will be halted and the machine operator will be alerted in the event of any assembly errors.

Utilities Required:

Electrical: 480v, 3 phase, 30 amp disconnect
Air: Minimum 90 psi.

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