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Large Window Muntin Press

Process Requirements:

Pressure sensitive adhesive backed muntins (the decorative crossbars on windows) must be pressed onto the glass of a window up to a size of 7 ft by 12 ft. The window must be automatically fed into and out of the machine. The machine must apply equal pressures to the entire surface area of the glass to ensure proper adhesion of the muntins.


The machine uses a non-looping conveyor to feed the window into the machine. The muntins are pressed onto the window’s surface by using expandable air bladders. A vacuum pump evacuates the air from the bladders once the pressing is done. The conveyor feeds the window out of the machine.


Part Delivery:

The window with muntins set on the window glass is manually fed into the machine for the first 6 inches until a load sensor is met. Then a non-looping conveyor feeds the window the rest of the way into the machine. The window advances until a position sensor is met. The conveyor uses drive disconnect clutches to allow the conveyor belt to expand with the bladder. The drives reengage to push the window out of the machine.
Once the window is clear of the machine, the conveyor rewinds itself, preparing for the next window.


The large urethane air bladders inflate to a specified pressure and hold the pressure to satisfy the requirements of the muntin adhesive.
A stout machine frame prevents the air bladders from distorting the machine.


Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 Controller


Air pressure switch on upper and lower press bladders.
Vacuum pressure switch on upper and lower press bladders that signal the end of the evacuation cycle.
Optical sensor on conveyor infeed.
Optical sensor on conveyor outfeed.

Utilities Required:

Electrical: 480v, 3 phase, 15 Amp service.
Air Consumption: 75 CFM @ 90 PSI during inflation/deflation
Less than 10 CFM at rest

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