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Immersion Leak Detector

Process Requirements:

Must inspect various aluminum die cast assemblies for external leakage. The internal area of the casting will be pressurized with air and the casting immersed in water. The leak test must be performed on 100% of the assemblies. The test parameters and nest tooling must be quick change to minimize setup for the various products that will be produced on the assembly line.


The machine seals the openings in the casting and pressurizes the internal area of the casting with air pressure as determined by the test parameter setup. The casting is immersed in water by raising the tank from below with a hydraulic lift. The operator is allowed to rotate the casting and inspect for leakage while the casting is immersed. The test water temperature is monitored and maintained at a level that is specified in the test parameters

Part Loading:

The casting is manually loaded on to a cage that insures proper orientation.


The casting is clamped and the internal area is pressurized with air.
A polycarbonate tank that is filled with water is raised from below the casting.
A rotary air cylinder allows the casting to be rotated for inspection.
The tank is lowered and the casting is depressurized and unclamped.

HMI / Control:

Allen-Bradley Micro 300 Series Panel View HMI
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 Controller


Test air pressure that is applied at the opening of the casting.
Test water temperature.

Utilities Required:

Electrical: 480v, 3 phase, 30 amp disconnect
Air: Minimum 90 psi.

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