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Mohair Applicator

Process Requirements:

Precisely place a pressure sensitive adhesive backed mohair onto window screen frame components.
The adhesive backing separator paper must be collected and kept away from the process.
The machine must work on two different components simultaneously with each component receiving a specific type of mohair.
The machine shall be operated manually.


The machine unreels the mohair from a roll, guides the mohair thru a grooved idler pulley and down to an applicator roller. A take-up roller collects the mohair adhesive backing separator paper. All of the rollers are located on a common carriage. The carriage rides on a linear rail and actuated manually by the operator. The applicator roller preload can be adjusted via a thumbwheel to help ensure proper adhesion of the mohair. The machine processes two different products simultaneously. Two application rollers and take-up rollers revolve at different speeds to accommodate the different products. The take-up roller speed is driven by its corresponding application roller.


Part Loading:

The operator position the window screen component it to the corresponding slot in the product holder nest. The product nest is designed to only accept the component in the correct orientation.
The operator leaves an extra amount of mohair on the product to ensure complete coverage along the entire length of the component.


The operator locates the carriage to the far right of the machine against the bump stops.
The operator loads the screen frame components.
The operator ensures that one to two inches of excess mohair hanging off of the right side of the components.
The operator draws the carriage across the frame components from left to right.
The operator trims the excess mohair from the screen frames and unloads the finished components.





Utilities Required:


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